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We need your help:

We’d like to produce short videos of our coalition members to use on Facebook and Instagram – and we need your help! As a small business owner in your community, you’re an ideal advocate to help spread the message of why SB 727 must be amended. We’re asking general contractors to record a short video on your smartphone that we can use on social media. It’s important to show state legislators that SB 727 will hurt real people like you!

Helpful Video Prompts:

Using your own voice is key to creating authenticity. Try recording your message as a response to any or all of the questions below.

  • How difficult is it for you to do business in California already?

  • Will SB 727 force your small business to go bankrupt?

  • If SB 727 passes, will you be able to afford paying penalties and damages worth 15 times the cost of what you paid the subcontractor who never paid their employees?

Important Messages For Your Video:

If you’d like, you can emphasize the messages below in your own words when you are recording your video.

  • California isn’t an easy place to do business, especially for general contractors. With endless regulations, building codes and fees to follow at the city, county, state and even federal level, doing business in California is difficult.

  • SB 727 will make doing business in California even more difficult for general contractors, especially small and minority-owned contractors.

  • General contractors — from homebuilders to remodelers and landscapers — all pay subcontractors assuming they will pay their own employees. Under current law, if subcontractors fail to pay their workers, general contractors are required to pay the subcontractors’ employees twice.

  • Now, SB 727 will force every general contractor, including tens of thousands of small businesses, to pay yet again through penalties and damages worth 15 times the actual cost.

  • Ultimately, SB 727 will punish general contractors who already made things right for the subcontractors’ employees, yet it fails to hold the bad actors responsible for not paying their employees in the first place.

  • SB 727 will bankrupt and eliminate small and minority-owned contractors who can’t absorb the penalties and damages imposed on them based on the actions of subcontractors.

  • SB 727 must be amended to protect general contractors, avoid frivolous lawsuits and prevent higher housing costs – while ensuring workers are paid fairly and on time.

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