Senate Bill 727 will worsen California’s housing affordability crisis.

Senate Bill 727 will make doing business in California even more difficult for general contractors

General contractors, from homebuilders to remodelers and landscapers, all pay subcontractors assuming they will pay their own employees.

Under current law, if subcontractors fail to pay their workers, general contractors are required to pay the subcontractors’ employees twice. SB 727 will force every general contractor, including tens of thousands of small businesses, to pay yet again through penalties and damages worth 15 times the actual cost.

Senate Bill 727 failed to hold bad actors accountable

SB 727 will punish general contractors who already made things right for the subcontractors’ employees, yet it fails to hold the bad actors responsible for not paying their employees in the first place.

Senate Bill 727 will bankrupt and eliminate small and minority-owned contractors

These small and minority-owned contractors can’t absorb the penalties and damages imposed on them based on the actions of subcontractors.

Tell Governor Newsom to
and not make the housing crisis even worse.