Mandated prevailing
wage would
increase the cost
of a new home by
$84,000 and rents by
$460 per month.

wage would
increase the
cost of a new
home by $84,000
and rents by
$460 per month.

Mandated Prevailing Wage Would

Increase the cost of housing

“In a time of unprecedented crisis – as communities of color and all Californians are struggling to regain their footing from the housing crash – we cannot afford any more expensive mandates that will starve people of being able to put a roof over their head.

“Prevailing wage mandates perhaps will help some members of a politically powerful special interest, but that is only achieved at the expense of every other Californian currently struggling with higher housing costs.

“The bottom-line is prevailing wage will lead to higher poverty, higher housing costs and make our state’s housing crisis even worse.”

– John Gamboa, Respected Social Justice Leader, founding Board Member of the California Community Builders and Vice Chair of the Two Hundred Project.

Mandated Prevailing Wage Would

Dramatically Hurt Housing Affordability

Increase the cost of a new home by $84,000 and 37% increase in construction costs

Requiring prevailing wage rates for residential construction would increase hourly labor costs by 89% on average, with some parts of the state experiencing increases of more than 125%

In addition to increasing construction costs, other effects could include a decrease in the number of new market rate homes built, a reduction in new affordable housing units for the state; both of which would result in fewer construction jobs

Mandated Prevailing Wage Would Have

Devastating Social and Economic Impacts

Dramatically increase the number of Californians living in poverty by another 481,000

Increase monthly rent as much as $460 per unit in multifamily developments

Eliminate 372,700 jobs

Result in $16.2 billion in lost revenues to State and Local Governments

Result in longer commutes and further drive Californians from major job centers as they seek housing they can afford

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