In 2020, Sacramento bureaucrats imposed a new housing fee called VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled) which drives up the cost of new housing for working people living in areas with limited transportation options.

Governor Newsom must limit the statewide VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled) fees to just those areas that have many transportation options like light rail, subway, and bus systems.

VMT Creates Higher Fees

VMT fees can range from $50,000 to $2 million per home, making the housing even less affordable and making the cost of living more expensive.

VMT must be limited to specific areas

If not limited to just areas with many transportation options, VMT serves as a “Commuter Tax” that drives up the cost of new housing for working people living in suburban and rural areas with few transportation options. This will crush the dream of homeownership for many families.

VMT Pushes up the Cost of Living for People Who Can Afford It the Least

Statewide VMT fees make housing and the cost of living more expensive for people with limited transportation options. Often times, these are people who can least afford the higher costs, living outside of expensive city centers in more affordable suburbs or rural communities.

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